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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tips On Picking Out Bridesmaid Dresses

When choosing your bridesmaid dresses, consider thinking about the body styles of your girls over a certain style that you might like. You may be wanting a style that looks better on a size 4 when your bridal party may all be sizes 10 and up.

Your bridal party will love you if you are considerate of their tastes. Something that can worn again and is not swamp green in color may be greatly appreciated! Remember that everybody may not feel comfortable in sleeveless. Think about Susie that had a baby 2 months ago and is still working on getting back in shape. I have done a lot of bridesmaid alterations and have heard, “I could just kill her for picking this out.”

If you are able to keep your size range close, that is great. i.e.: 2, 4, and 6. If you are not so lucky and you come up with a 2, 4, 8, and 14 you may want to allow the girls to pick out their own bridesmaid dresses as long as you approve it and the dresses match in color.

In the example above, a 2-piece may work better with the size 14. I very much like 2-piece dresses because they can be easier to work with when you have fit issues. Vendors will usually sell different styles within the same collection and a little variance amongst the girls can be tasteful, especially if all the bridesmaids look their best!

Bridesmaids should have their dresses at least 30-60 days before the wedding to allow time for alterations, but try not to order the dresses too soon! I once had a bride order dresses almost a year in advance and did not know that she had a pregnant bridesmaid. The wedding happened when the bridesmaid was in her 8th month. They were able to order extra fabric and I was able to alter the dress, but you never know what can happen.

I want to wish all you future brides luck with choosing the right dresses for everyone in the bridal court. If you should need any help selecting bridesmaid dresses and you are in the Atlanta or Cobb County areas, give me a call at 770-943-0251!

I can also help you with your wedding dress alterations and will be glad to do on-site fittings for the bride or her entire bridal court. I also make myself available to brides onsite the day of their wedding to make sure that the dress fits perfectly and to help out with any last minute wardrobe problems amongst the girls!


  1. John I came to your blog to thank you for your kind comment on my Dunkin Donut painting, and have to say I really love your blog! If you ever need to relocate there is a desperate need for tailors in New England - especially ones with such thoughtful and helpful outlooks! I'm going to be a follower!

  2. Great tips! We attended a wedding and one of the bridesmaids just looked so wrong in the dress!

  3. You said a mouthful here, John.
    I have seen so many disastrous brides maid's dresses. The worst ones were chocolate brown, sleeveless fitted shift type dresses. Most of the girls were larger and no one had arms that should have been showing :(

  4. @Kelley Carey MacDonald

    I will definitely keep that in mind! Thanks for the follow and the kind words!

  5. @Pam Holnback
    @Mary Sheehan Winn

    I'm glad you ladies enjoyed my blog post - thanks for the comments!

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