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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

4 Easy Time & Money Saving Wardrobe Shopping Tips


Frustrated from shopping, spending too much, and still not having what you need? Here are four easy wardrobe shopping tips that will save you time and money!

1. Give Yourself a Quick Wardrobe Consultation before Shopping

Go into your wardrobe closet and see what kinds of pieces you have, considering colors, textures, et cetera, and think about what kinds of pieces or accessories will make a good match. Having a game plan will help you to complement your wardrobe, not complicated it.

2. Never Buy Clothes for Your Wardrobe at Full Cost

4 Easy Time & Money Saving Wardrobe Shopping Tips
Even if you are a millionaire, that new outfit will be on sale next week - do not waste your money on new items! Start browsing at the front of the store to see what items you love, and remember them as you end up shopping on the sale racks in the back. The next time you are there, that new blouse you loved will be at least 25% off.

3. Browse Online for Your Wardrobe before Shopping in Person

Spend a few minutes browsing items online before you go into the store so you will already have an idea of what you want and need when you get to the store. To save even more time, write down the item information or print out the items to hand to a sales associate when you walk in.

4. Think You Love It – Leave It

Although we cannot admit to it, most all of our purchases are impulse buys. When you come across something you think you just have to have, walk away from it. Go back the next day, or the next time you want to go shopping, and see if you still love it. If you do, get it! If not, look at the price tag and be proud of the money you saved!

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